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The guaranteed way to pay.

With money that’s locked down.

Safe and secure. We promise.

Want to be 100% sure a check equals money in your pocket? A money order is as secure as cash and as convenient as a check. The money is pre-paid and therefore guaranteed to be there.

Money orders put people at ease. Payments get accepted with no questions asked. It’s a small price to pay for big peace of mind. Why maintain a costly checking account when it’s a cinch to get money orders from The Check Cashing Store®.

  • Send money orders through the mail
  • Pay bills or money
  • Completely traceable with receipt
  • A widely accepted form of payment in Florida and all over the world
Let us help:
  • We can usually replace a torn or mutilated money order the same day
  • We are licensed and bonded in the State of Florida
  • We comply with the state’s regulations for money order companies
How much does it cost?
Purchase money order $0.69 plus the amount of the money order.
Maximum amount per money order: $500
Cash in unused money order by purchaser $2.00
Stop payment with stub $10.00
Stop payment with unknown serial number $15.00
Copies of money orders $10.00
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Pay one of two ways:
  • Cash
  • Cash-4-Debit

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